Why Good Meat Matters


If there is one thing in common between the streets of Old Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai & Lucknow, it is the love for kebabs. It is an interesting thing to note how these heavenly kebabs have ruled and been so popular for so many decades. From being devoured in the form of rustic chewy chunks amongst the Rajputs to the tender and juicy ones cooked in the royal kitchens of the Mughals, kebabs have indeed come a long way.

Are you someone who loves kebabs? If the answer to that question is yes (how could it even be no), then you have surely come to the right place. To make sure that you choose truly delectable kebabs, you must understand what goes behind in making these little pieces of delicacy. So take notes as we turn you into a Kebab expert.

Texture of the Meat

When it is mutton seekh kebabs, there is no denying that almost everybody falls for it pretty easily. But what is important is knowing the meat used in making the kebabs. Make sure to get your kebabs from a place that offers high-quality wholesome meat. Fresh mutton is not slimy; You need to see that the texture of the meat is firm and the muscle fibres are visible. Only fresh meat that has all these qualities should be used in the kebabs that you order.

Food safety standards

It is extremely necessary that every packaged meat is certified by the government professionals and has passed through stringent checks. After all, we know you wish to make sure that the kebabs you are having are made of fresh and hygienic meat. When you choose to buy packaged ready to eat kebabs, make sure that all the food safety standards are met. Do not forget to look for the FSSAI mark to ensure that all the safety regulations are fulfilled. Never buy a pack that’s past the expiration or use-by date.

Traceability factor

The traceability of meat and understanding how it was sourced is important to determine the quality of the food. This factor is the most crucial one when buying kebabs.This is the reason why it is always advisable to buy delicious kebabs from a trusted store.

It will be fair to say that buying meat from the right place is an extremely important criterion to make sure all the needs are getting fulfilled. At AOV FarmAge, we understand that you love meat and wish to make the right choice when it comes to buying it. To make sure that you and your loved ones get everything fresh & safe, we work closely with the farmers to ensure the availability of the best meat. We are a part of the AOV Group that caters to the ever-rising demand for high quality, hygienic, and fresh meat products.

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