About Us

AOV FarmAge is a part of the AOV Group that caters to the ever rising demand for high quality, hygienic, fresh & frozen meat and meat products.

We supply fresh chilled, frozen and Ready to Eat packed meat of high quality to hotels/restaurants, corporate houses, government organisations, retail outlets etc.

We make continuous and ceaseless efforts to assure the quality of our meat products starting from sourcing of the animal, getting it checked by qualified veterinarians, following best practices & GMP’s during the time of its slaughter till the delivery of final product.

AOV brand meat products are being exported to the Middle East Countries, winning their stringent quality standards and trust. These undergo strict ante-mortem and post-mortem checks by Veterinarians, food technologists and microbiologists and are compulsorily examined by govt. agency which issues international sanitary heath certificate confirming suitability of the products for human consumption. Properly chilled to sufficient duration for conversion of muscle into juicy and wholesome meat and are subjected to food safety checks at our State of the art quality assurance laboratory before it is presented to our esteemed customers sustaining our hallmark of premium quality meat food products.